støvete was born out of both a life long passion, and functional necessity. 
Re-evaluating my life led me to take a leap of faith and follow the dream I (till now) had never fulfilled.
It started as a side hustle, at first it was selling my extensive trainer collection as found myself reaching for the same dozen pairs and then moved onto clothing,  giving me a creative outlet for my love of buying independent brands and gave me some extra pocket money. The world then conspired and spurred me to pursue a more meaningful existence, to find work with true fulfilment, and build an independent business that was an extension of my own personal style.
Conscious of wanting to be part of the solution and not add to the negative impact of fast fashion, I realised that my preference for selective buying, choosing quality over quantity, and always eyeing out timeless, contemporary pieces that are excellently made and could be the basis of a credible and consciously minded preowned clothing brand.
I’m not exaggerating when I say I spend hours upon hours trawling through independent and lesser known brands to find that perfectly cut piece, that fits exactly how you want it to, in just that right shade, and with the perfect hand feel. I research the brands and connect with the ones who have a meaningful story as well as a covetable collection. 

And støvete was born. 


støvete is a mens clothing resale platform dealing exclusively in a curated edit of contemporary and minimalist brands.



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